What is TheDemocracyUpgrade.org?

The Democracy Upgrade is a manifesto promoting the idea that Switzerland is the most democratic country in the world with an incredible difference to the rest and that we need to upgrade the current concept of democracy worldwide based on the 7 Principles of the Swiss Democracy.

The main idea driving the project is that democracy is a gradual process but most of the world is far behind Switzerland in that process, so Switzerland is the most democratic country in the world with a lot of difference.

The Democracy Upgrade is a community, a global, non-partisan, non-profit democracy movement for people interested in uniting around the idea of upgrading the concept of democracy worldwide, towards the example of the Swiss democracy. Everybody is welcome.

Who’s behind The Democracy Upgrade? Who created this?

This is currently the work of CitizenThinker, a Swiss democracy enthusiast from Europe. A regular person that enjoys history and finds immense potential in the ideas of the Swiss democracy.

What are the goals of The Democracy Upgrade?

  • Educate people for the 7 political tools of the Swiss Democracy
  • Start redefining the word democracy using the example of Switzerland and its political tools
  • Create a community of democratic-minded citizens
  • Join citizens of all ideologies with the focus on the Swiss democracy